Monday, July 9, 2018

Why I do Art Festivals

I had someone recently ask me why I still do Art Festivals when I also sell my work at shops and galleries and online. Art Festivals are a lot of work! A lot of physical work - carrying in, setting up, breaking down - and often very long hours. But I find that the chance to talk directly to people about my paintings makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Just last month, I showed my work at the Beverly Arts Festival. Crazy busy day. At one point in the afternoon, I was talking to a nice gentleman inside my booth when he looked out at the people outside and said "Look at that. They are all smiling!" And he was right - about a dozen people were lined up outside my booth, looking at my wall of paintings and every single one of them were smiling. THAT'S why I still do shows! To see in person the connections that people make with my work, the nostalgia, the memories as they view the iconic signs, familiar buildings, old cars - even classic toys - that they had forgotten or hadn't thought about in a while. I love hearing the stories of favorite family places, first dates, special occasions, favorite never gets old!

Speaking of Beverly, here is one of my favorite paintings of the ones I have painted of places in Beverly:

The Cabot
20 x 16 inches
acrylic on canvas
available HERE

Special offer:
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