Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Local Berries - Fruit Still Life with Strawberries

Local Berries
3x4 inches
acrylic on canvas

The first fruit of summer!

I love the local strawberries here in the northeast. The season is very short - but oh, so sweet!
This year we have tons of wild strawberries in our yard as well (one of the bonuses to not weeding my flowerbeds very well  ;-) The kids are enjoying hunting them and getting what they can before the birds get to them.

I wanted to do a quick little painting before I get started on a few more show entries. These little mini canvases are a lot of fun to work on - and they make a great grouping when a bunch are hung together, so I am going to try to get some more fruits and vegetables done before my late summer and fall shows begin. I am looking forward to visiting some of the local farmers markets for inspiration!
Local Berries - $40 + $3 shipping in the US
(please contact me for international shipping)

Friday, June 22, 2012

On the Road - Painting of Car

On the Road
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

I delivered the last three classic car paintings to Pop Gallery today despite all the heat and humidity (not very helpful in getting varnish to dry!). I then spent the afternoon with the kids at the beach  ;-)
Next I think I will be taking a little break from the vintage cars to work on a few show entries and some small pieces.

I attended the opening reception for "From the Garden" at the Gallery Della-Piana in Wenham, Massachusetts last night. What a thrill to see my work on the walls there! It was a lovely show - a lot of very diverse work, but well curated and hung. Here is a little sneak peek of the wall where my two paintings (the iris and the sunflower) are hung:
The show runs through the end of August, so be sure to check it out if you are ever on the North Shore!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'62 Corvette - Classic Vintage Auto Painting SOLD

'62 Corvette
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

I so love this car! I am not a huge Corvette fan, but this one is just beautiful! It took part in our local Memorial Day parade, so I was lucky enough to get a chance to check it out while I was waiting for the cub scouts to line up.

I love the way the headlights and the chrome below look like a face - does anyone else see that, or is it just me? I imagine you may be seeing more of this car in the future.

'62 Corvette and a few additional vintage car paintings will be joining the rest of this series at Pop Gallery in Gloucester as long as this super hot and humid weather lets the varnish dry on time!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunny Stingray - Painting of Classic Corvette

Sunny Stingray
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

This is the same classic 1970 or 71 corvette that I painted previously (here). In looking at the grouping of paintings, I decided to make this one yellow.

The bunch of vintage auto paintings that were completed last week have been hung at Pop Gallery in Gloucester. I plan to deliver some more at the end of this week, but with the kids getting out of school for the summer mid-day tomorrow, it should be a challenge! Pop Gallery is a super fun place filled with all kinds of quirky and unique items, and I am very excited to have some of my work there.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Classic Corvette - Small Vintage Auto Painting SOLD

Classic Corvette
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

Another in my vintage auto series. Beautiful blue Corvette Stingray - probably 1970 or 71. It's got the egg-crate vents on the side - maybe the focus of another painting? Anyways all the chrome and reflections are proving continuously challenging. There was a whole landscape in the bumper of the Hudson! Now the question is how to decide which vehicle to paint next.......

On another note - I'm attempting some sourdough bread today. A knitting friend gave me a starter so I know I need to at least give it a try. It's been years since I've baked any bread - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out good!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vintage Hudson - Classic Auto Car Detail Painting SOLD

Vintage Hudson
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

Love this Hudson! I think it lives here in town...I've seen it around a few times. Maybe a '49?

Wonderful reception at MiXtMedia Gallery last night. Lots of friendly people, great food & music - and the show looks great, too  ;-)  Some wonderful new work there - I'm thrilled to be a part of the show. Be sure to check it out if you are ever near Ipswich, Massachusetts.....

Still preparing for two more shows - and the kids only have a week of school left. Yikes!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ford Falcon - Vintage Classic Auto Painting

Ford Falcon
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

Another in my "classic rides" series. It is a Ford Falcon Futura convertible - very sweet! I'm guessing it is a '63. Can anyone confirm or correct me?

Ahhh - so many cars I want to paint. I am really tempted to try find a classic auto show nearby, too - I've got another show I need to do a few paintings for once I get 6-8 of this series ready to go, but I'll definitely have to return to these vintage cars eventually - they are too much fun to paint!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Opening Reception

There will be a reception for the "Ipswich Thru the Artists' Eye" exhibit at MiXtMedia Gallery in Ipswich, Massachusetts this Friday, June 8th from 6-8pm. Hope you can check it out if you are local!

Monday, June 4, 2012

51 Chevy - Painting of Vintage Truck SOLD

51 Chevy
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

This is the start of a new little series for my newest gallery. Painting old vehicles is too much fun! Unfortunately the red didn't scan quite right as usual, I'll have to try again with my camera tomorrow.

This piece will be available at Pop Gallery, in Gloucester, Massachusetts later this month.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Day - Plein Air Landscape

June Day
4x6 inches
acrylic on canvas panel

Well today was to be a framing day - lots of framing I needed to get done for some upcoming events.
But the weather was absolutely perfect, and as I drove home from a post office trip and a local delivery, I eyed the tiny cemetery around the corner from my house, thinking of how wonderful it would be to spend a few hours painting there today. However I kept on going, knowing that a lot of framing awaited me at home.

In the end, I decided to compromise - an hour in the yard, and the rest of the day to finish the framing. So this was a quickie - 45 minutes tops, and no touch up after. I used a larger brush than normal, determined to keep things as loose as possible. I also decided that in this predominately green scene, that I would not use any premixed greens. My palette consisted of cadmium yellow medium, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and titanium white. It was interesting to see the range of greens that resulted. What I found the most difficult though was not the greens - but finding some browns that I liked. I should have spent a little more time with the composition, too - I'm not pleased with how that tree ended up dead center.

Anyways, it is the PROCESS, right? I am glad that I spent the time out working on this on such a lovely day. Next I've got to get to work on some pieces for a new gallery.....bet you can't guess the theme!?!