Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ford Falcon - Vintage Classic Auto Painting

Ford Falcon
6x6 inches
acrylic on board

Another in my "classic rides" series. It is a Ford Falcon Futura convertible - very sweet! I'm guessing it is a '63. Can anyone confirm or correct me?

Ahhh - so many cars I want to paint. I am really tempted to try find a classic auto show nearby, too - I've got another show I need to do a few paintings for once I get 6-8 of this series ready to go, but I'll definitely have to return to these vintage cars eventually - they are too much fun to paint!


Sonya Johnson said...

Love it - I have a thing for vintage and antique cars and trucks! My sister has a Falcon, and used to be a member of a Ford Falcon car club.

I have TONS of photos I took at two vintage car events last year, and I am so wanting to do a series of paintings of them. If you can't get enough photos of your own, LMK - you are more than welcome to use mine for paintings :).

Magic Love Crow said...

Very cool!! Love this painting!! Sorry, I can't help you on the year! Wish my brother was here, because he could help you out ;o)

Debbie Shirley said...

Thanks Sonya and Stacy!

Too funny about your sister, Sonya. What a great car! I will let you know about the photos - I truly appreciate the offer. Hopefully I will make it to an event soon ;-)

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