Friday, August 20, 2010

Back in Town

Back in town again after two weeks in northern Maine.

Lots of hiking, a little relaxing, some reading and a little art were all part of my vacation. (Not to mention keeping up with three very active little boys!)

I was able to complete a few ACEOs while away. I am going to list them in my Etsy shop one at a time over the next two weeks. The first one I listed is this one, Black-Eyed Susan:

acrylic on 140# Canson Montval watercolor paper

I was playing with a new kind of acrylic paint - it really wanted to act more like watercolor than acrylic! It took a while to come up with something I could be even slightly happy with. There were lots of Black Eyed Susans in the woods - so they became the subject of a few drawings, too.
This is the first one of the drawings that I have listed:

marker on 100# Strathmore vellum
More to come.....

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