Saturday, August 28, 2010

Work in Progress

Here is a still life I am currently working on:

It is based on this month's painting challenge on The challenge is to paint a still life using two objects - a wine bottle and a piece of fruit. I kind of waited until the last minute for this one since we had been out of town, and when I went to start it, I realized - oh, horrors - no wine in the house! So I substituted another glass bottle. I will still submit it if I get it done in time and they can decide if I strayed too far from the intention. I am enjoying this one- I like the set up, too and may have to do a larger version including more of the bottle and background. I am also experimenting with something new for me - I am using acrylic glazing medium. I am slowly building up color by using thin layers of different colors. I am liking the effect - I think I will be experimenting with this medium even more.

I hope to finish this early next week.

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