Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Redesign?

Yes, I changed my blog design  AGAIN!

I really wanted to simplify the look a little bit. I also wanted to narrow the focus a little.
This will be more of a daily painting blog. My goal is at least three new works a week. I suppose two is more realistic, but I am aiming for three!

This year I really want to concentrate on discipline and on improving my skills. I believe this will be the best concentrate on painting everyday (even when it can only be a little bit!) and getting back that discipline of getting to work each day and getting things done. It is hard with three young children to find the time, but I am finding ways. My kids are on school vacation this week, so it has been a good trial. I am getting better about posting my work when I am not worrying about writing too much about it. I think I will post collections and treasuries and features on my facebook page. I have an ArtFire blog, too where I can post about works and collections and challenges. I plan this blog to be focused on my paintings and special events. Let's see if I can keep this up!

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