Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taste of Summer - SOLD

"Taste of Summer"
3 x 3 inches
acrylic on canvas

I went to mark this little guy as "SOLD" and I realized that I never blogged about it! I completed this miniature a while ago - I love the combination of yellow and cobalt blue. I have a few little cobalt bottles, I will have to put another one in a painting again soon.


Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh, good for you Debbie ;o) I love the cobalt bottle you used in this painting ;o) Have a great day!

Kathleen said...

Lovely pianting - great colors! congrats on the sale =) I like collecting little bottles, too - this one is really a neat shape.

Debbie Shirley said...

Thanks Stacy and Kathy!
I have such fun with the little bottles...I've always liked collecting them, now I have an "excuse" for keeping them around!

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