Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kelsey Arboreteum - Heather Patch

Kelsey Arboretum - Heather Patch

This is one of my favorite spots in the little arboretum around the corner from my house. There is a wandering little path (called "Heather Patch") to a wooden bench at the edge of beautiful little patch of heather. The heather always reminds me of our honeymoon spent in Scotland. I can't wait until the patch is in full bloom.

This came out a bit dark. I am finding these landscapes really, really difficult- and it is making me realize that it is important to push myself out of my comfort zone and get out there and paint them as often as I can. I hope the practice will help me grow.

My worst nightmare (!) happened while I was working there today....someone actually showed up in this quiet little spot. It was a dad with his little girl and they came over to talk to me and see what I was painting. I was at that early stage in the painting, just roughing in a composition, where it looks like absolutely nothing at all but a bunch of messy bright red lines - I was mortified to have anyone see it! But the little girl was really cute and asked a lot of questions, so I was brave and didn't run away  ;-)


Magic Love Crow said...

Debbie what a beautiful painting ;o) I love heather! I would like to get some this year ;o) And, you should be very proud of yourself, talking to the little girl ;o) Good for you ;o) Be proud of what you paint! Your paintings are amazing!

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Still, it's wonderful to give folks an insight into the creative process, especially for the little ones.
You are smart not to get started in the garden -it's been over 40 years and I'm not done yet!

Simply Smitten said...

Lol ~ I'm glad you were feeling brave! :) I love the little splashes of pink in this one and the green is so vibrant and pretty. :)

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