Monday, May 9, 2011

Millbrook Farm Plein Air Sketch

Well, I made it out of the backyard today!

The weather was perfect, so I decided a little more plein air practice was in order. After I dropped the kids at school, I headed over to Millbrook Farm Conservation Area. I live in a fairly rural town in New England. Lots of woods and water - and fortunately, a lot of protected and conservation land. I went to a place I hoped wouldn't get too many other visitors. It was a beautiful morning, a little windy, with a couple of red-winged blackbirds making a racket and keeping me company. Lots of good scenes in the one little spot, I'm sure I will go back there again. It is a good early morning spot - too much sun later in the day. I have to admit, I was terrified of the thought of anyone coming by. Just when I was thinking about picking up, someone else did show up with a kayak to do some fishing. He didn't even look twice at me - so I guess I was afraid for nothing! I know that I need to get past this fear of working in public.

I see a lot of things in this sketch I would do differently, but I am pretty happy with the fact that I ventured out today! Baby steps, right?


Sonya Johnson said...

Go you :)!

I was happy that I had my painting locations essentially all to myself on both occasions I went out. If someone comes by, I tend to ignore them unless they say something...and I might still ignore them anyway depending upon what they say ;). So, I say don't let that deter you from location painting!

Simply Smitten said...

I'm so glad that you're doing this fresh air painting thing, your work is beautiful. That painting from today is so peaceful and serene, it stills me just to admire it. Just curious what state you live in? I'm in Ct... we may be neighbors!! ;)

Magic Love Crow said...

Good for you Debbie!!! I understand your fear! I would be too! Beautiful painting!! Take Care ;o)

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