Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Solitary Spot - Plein Air Sketch

Solitary Morning
Lowe Pond, Boxford, Massachusetts
4x6 inches
acrylic on canvas board

Today was my last morning of "freedom" before the kids are out of school for the summer. I knew I had to spend it by myself, outside painting in a quiet spot. This is a pretty little pond surrounded by woods. I wanted to capture the way the morning sun shone through the trees and just touched the pond, and the feeling of peace I felt here.  Not quite sure I succeeded. I am amazed at how easy some people make plein air landscapes look - I am definitely challenged! But I have the desire, so I will keep practicing.

I hope to keep my posts regular throughout the summer, but it may take a few weeks to find and adjust to a  new rhythm with the kids out of school....I hope you will stick with me  ;-)


IslandsOfTime said...

Can I suggest that you go to at least an 8x10 for plein air. It might be a little easier. Taking a deep breath of this very peaceful place. Ahhh! Lovely.

Simply Smitten said...

Yay!! You're back outside again!! Love all the shades of green, such a light feeling. I'm sure you'll have a balance figured out in no time! Glad you enjoyed your last day of quiet for awhile... ;)

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