Friday, July 29, 2011

Rear Reflections

Rear Reflections
4x4 inches
acrylic on gessobord panel

Finishing some last details on this....hoping to finish it up so I can finish packing for our camping trip!
The reflections were fun to play with - lots of crazy stuff going on with them. But all I kept seeing was how the tail lights and the chrome bumper made me think of a robot's face  ;-)

This may be the last new one for a while.....I will be without internet access for the most part except for an occasional trip in to the nearest campground - and unless I find a way to download photos, any painting I do will have to wait for when I get home to be posted. Expect to see a few posts "from the archives" in the meanwhile......

Rear Reflections - $45 + $3 shipping & handling in the US
(please contact me for international shipping)

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Magic Love Crow said...

This is so cool! Love it! Have a great time away!

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