Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mountain Meadow - Plein Air Sketch

Mountain Meadow
6x4 inches
acrylic on linen panel

We did a lot of hiking in Maine as usual this year, despite the rainy weather. My kids are all now big enough that they tend to leave me in the dust on mountain trips. One day, we got a break from the rain for a few hours, and while the kids and their cousins climbed a small mountain, I stayed down in the meadow to paint.

I didn't get a whole lot of painting time during our two weeks in Maine. I usually try to allow a few days to stick around camp alone to do some painting, but it just didn't happen this year with all the hiking and side trips planned. I think in future years I will end up doing more of this hiking in part way with the group like I did the day I did this painting, but then staying on one location to paint and joining back up with them on the way back. While I haven't been thrilled with the plein air work I did on this trip, it has been a great learning experience and I hope it will lead to improvement in future paintings.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Debbie, it turned out beautiful ;o) I love how fluffy it looks ;o) It sounds like you had a really great time away ;o)

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