Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colored Kernels - SOLD

Colored Kernels
2.5 x 3.5 inches
acrylic on watercolor paper

Besides being the time of year for beautiful landscapes, it is also the time of year for CANDY, right? I'm not sure why I find painting candy to be so much fun.....maybe it is because it was always the forbidden fruit when I was growing up (there was NEVER any candy in our house!). Or is it the bright colors and fun shapes? I'm not sure, but my kids think it is really weird that I choose Halloween candy by what I want to paint, instead of what I like to eat  (I do this with produce, too!). Earlier this year I had fun with M&Ms. I really wanted to paint a package of Smarties, but I couldn't get any of my boys to give one up. So I went out and bought some candy corn. And if they are lucky, I might share.......


Sonya Johnson said...

Haha! This is great! I seldom eat candy, and pretty much never buy it, but I actually do like candy corn in small doses. It has those nostalgic memories of childhood and trick-or-treating. Fun!

Magic Love Crow said...

So cool! Fun stuff! I never saw the m + m's!! That was an excellent painting too!

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