Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Witch Hollow - Plein Air Landscape

Witch Hollow
4 x 6 inches
acrylic on canvas panel

I finally made it outside to paint today...no more excuses!
It was a beautiful morning, and after taking the kids to school, I headed over to a local conservation area at Witch Hollow Farm. The trees are just beginning to show their colors around here in Massachusetts. At this field, the trees were still mostly green with just a hint of color, and the field itself was just lovely. I set up on an old road, facing the field. There is a beautiful old farmhouse dating back to the 1600's way off to the right of the conservation area - I hope to make it back there to paint the house some day. I drive by this area all the time, and it is fascinating to watch the changes in the field from season to season. I have a few more paintings I would like to do at the field as it looks now - and then maybe revisit it later in the fall when the leaves have turned.

I started with a canvas panel that I had toned previously - I had toned a bunch of panels with different colors to play with a bit. I THINK this one was red iron oxide. It was much too strong and really difficult to cover. I've liked lt. cadmium red in the past, but I just wanted to try some different things to see how it affects the tone of the whole painting. I think I also used too much retarder in the acrylic paints I had mixed up in my tiny pots - it just wasn't drying at all - the opposite problem to what I usually have when working outdoors. Oh well - I will keep experimenting - let's hope the weather will be a little more cooperative than it has been the last few weeks.

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