Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pulling Together

Lean on Me
6x4 inches
acrylic on watercolor paper

It is amazing what a little bad weather will do....I live in a tiny New England town - we didn't get as much snow this past weekend that some areas did, however it was enough to knock out power to 3/4 of the town. The town center had power, so the schools were open, people generously carpooling where the buses couldn't run or people couldn't get their cars out.

The line for hot coffee at the general store went out the door, yet everyone was friendly - sharing storm stories, rumors of where you might be able to take a shower and sitings of the power company workers.

I went to the library to check my email. Our town library is very small - in an old house - and usually quite quiet. It does have wi-fi and therefore every available surface, chair and even floor space was covered by people working on their laptops. People who generally work in the solitude of their homes were now working elbow to elbow with their neighbors - and people seemed genuinely happy about it. I was amazed by all the kindness and consideration I saw, despite the cold and tiredness and frustration we all felt.

We had three neighbors help us take the tree off our garage - neighbors we knew, however they didn't all know each other. New friendships were formed among them as they moved on to help someone else once our tree was cleared.

Amazing how a freak snowstorm can renew your faith in the kindness of others.......

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Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent when people come together! It's so true, it does renew your faith in the kindness of others ;o)

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