Saturday, December 17, 2011

Season's Greetings SOLD

Season's Greetings
5x7 inches
acrylic on canvas

Poinsettias always feel so festive to me!
I bought two this year from a school band fundraiser....let's see how long I can keep them alive.

I had hoped to do a few more poinsettia paintings this year, but I don't think it is going to happen...the holiday is sneaking up on me waaaaaaaay to quickly!

I really wrestled with this one - it took me much longer than usual. Maybe it was all the red - always a difficult color to work with. I'm going to touch up the canvas edges this weekend - and resist the urge to go back into the painting.

Lots of holiday preparations to be done in the next week - my shopping is almost done, I just started the Christmas cards tonight and I haven't even begun baking. Tomorrow  - first on the agenda is the tree......

5 comments: said...

It may have taken longer but it was worth it. A beautiful painting.

Sonya Johnson said...

As I mentioned, I could take a complete pass on the holiday season and be happy, but I have to say that these holiday paintings you've been doing are really wonderful.

I can only imagine how difficult that poinsettia was to paint, too! But, it looks great.

IrelandBrady said...

This a wonderfully beautiful painting!

Magic Love Crow said...

Merry Christmas ;o) Beautiful painting ;o)

Debbie Shirley said...

Thank you so much ladies! I truly appreciate your comments.

And a Merry Christmas to you all ;-)

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