Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally Back! (And a little Beach Painting....)

Beach Day
6.125 x 5 inches
acrylic on board

Back from the wilds of Northern Maine......nice to have electricity and plumbing again, but I already miss the quiet of the woods. We have been building a camp for years - but this was the first  year we were able to stay in it. It is still under construction - but finished enough we could "camp out" under a roof. Lots of hiking, time spent in lakes and rivers, wonderful family time. It was hard to come home!

I've had to hit the ground running....the Art and Craft Fair at the Wenham Museum is this Saturday (10 to 3 if you are local) - and I have a lot to prepare for it. All kinds of new gallery shows too in the next month, plus the Topsfield Fair - and a featured artist spot at a local gallery - more info to come.....

Meanwhile, I finished a few small paintings while up north. I found the lighting on our porch to be pretty wonderful most of the day. This painting will be going to Pop Gallery in Gloucester at the end of this week.

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