Friday, January 25, 2013

#18 Wednesday in a Cafe - Still Life Painting

#18 of the 30 Day Painting Challenge
Wednesday in a Cafe
6 x 6 inches
acrylic on gessobord panel

Yep - being that there is only a week of the challenge left, and I still have two large paintings to finish up - I don't think I have any chance of hitting 30! Oh well. It has been fun to follow along and check out everyone's work anyways.....

This is one last painting for the "Reflections" show at MixtMedia Gallery in Ipswich, MA. I took the theme literally - painting all kinds of glass and other reflective surfaces for the show - some of my favorite things to paint! It is always interesting to see the effects of the reflections and the abstract shapes that are formed. For this one, I wanted to add a little bit of a pattern to the challenge. It definitely kept me on my toes!


Pam Holnback said...

I've also been painting large and know I can't hit 30. In fact, I knew that before I started. So my goal is just to try to paint, which I do almost every day. So, I've been posting the daily steps of my paintings.

Magic Love Crow said...

This is amazing and very cool! Well done ;o)

Debbie Shirley said...

That is a good idea Pam! I've been lousy about posting WIPs. Maybe I should give it a try! Needless to say, I didn't make 30 ;-(

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