Friday, March 8, 2013

Taste of Spring - Small Still Life Painting SOLD

Taste of Spring
5 x 7 inches
acrylic on gessobord panel

Another one for an upcoming juried exhibition. I have been trying and trying to get a good scan of this painting, but it just isn't happening! The colors aren't as bright as they seem here, and it is really a good deal more subtle.

The kids had a snow day today. Hard to believe we got over a foot of snow - and it is March! The one good thing about a big storm this time of year is that you know that the snow isn't going to last very long.....


Magic Love Crow said...

I really love this painting! Bright and happy ;o) We had water in the basement, because so much snow is melting! One extreme to another! LOL!

Debbie Shirley said...

Thanks Stacy! It is a pretty bright painting (at least for me), unfortunately this scan is making it extra bright. Hope you water problem wasn't too bad ;-(

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