Thursday, April 4, 2013

Empty Easel Interview

I just had to very first interview!

Check it out here:


Magic Love Crow said...

Great interview Debbie! So happy you paint ;o) I loved coloring books too ;o)

Anonymous said...

Great interview, thanks so much for participating! And good luck with your art, love it. Have you ever considered making prints available on Zazzle? If you don't market they don't sell but if you do market people earn a nice commission. I have some stuff up on there, I don't really push it but sales trickle in here and there.

Debbie Shirley said...

Thank you Stacy and Alyice!
I really appreciate the opportunity, Alyice. Thank you! As to Zazzle, I checked it out a while ago, but maybe I should give it another look!

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