Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Local Food

The local Farmer's Markets are winding down for the season...making me very sad.
Some of the markets continue through the winter on a limited schedule, using mainly crafts and prepared foods to keep people coming. But this is really getting to the end of the local produce for the year here in New England.

This year I pledged to myself to buy as much as possible locally throughout the growing season. I have been a frequent visitor to nearby Farmers' Markets and local farms. I have discovered a few new farmstands. I  have been buying mostly local milk, eggs and bread as well. It has been a wonderful experience - I've even gotten the kids to try a few new things! I plan to continue for as long as the apples and squashes hold out - and definitely plan to resume the challenge next year.

In the meanwhile, I will  be working on a few new fruit and veggie paintings.....

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