Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fun-A-Day Project - and Happy New Year!

Now for my first event for 2014....

I will be taking part in the Fun-A-Day Project! Participants agree to pick a project, which they will do every day in January and document it somehow (photos, writing, video, art, etc). Then there are shows all around the country/world where the artists share their projects. This is a wiki explaining it here. And the Boston version is being documented here. It is a lot of fun to read what kind of projects people are planning - and what has been done in the past. Lots of paintings, drawings, poetry, etc. but also all kinds of really fun and creatively different things too. Be sure to scroll down the page to see some of the projects people have done in the past.

I am doing little 3x3 inch paintings of things from my kitchen. I know, nothing too crazy. I will probably be using them for ideas for future larger paintings, so I thought I'd stick with my kitchen as a theme. And considering the amount of things I have in my kitchen, it will really give me quite a range of things to choose from!

I will be blogging about it daily on this blog. And I will have a special set in my Flickrstream to document it here. And since Leslie Saeta also happens to be doing her 30 Paintings in 30 Days starting January 1st, maybe I will just have to join in with my little paintings there, too.

Lots of fun things to look forward to in 2014! - I will share more updates soon.

In the meanwhile, I want to thank everyone for a wonderful (and busy!) 2013, and I wish for you all a very Happy and Healthy and Peaceful New Year!
Happy New Year!!

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Magic Love Crow said...

Happy New Year ;o) Love this cute little painting ;o)

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