Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shoe City - Small Landscape Cityscape Acrylic Painting Haverhill ACEO

Shoe City
2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches
acrylic on watercolor paper

This is a little scene from Haverhill, Massachusetts - a little red and brick building that houses Shoe City Hardware. Haverhill is known as "Shoe City" because of the shoe making industry that was prevalent in the area until the mid 1900's.

I have done a number of small paintings from Haverhill (as well as other Massachusetts towns) - and you will be seeing some more in the future as requested by some of my local galleries. Right now I am doing a few ACEO-sized ones that will be available matted and framed at Positive Images Gallery on Wingate Street in Haverhill. Some of the compositions that I particularly like will be then redone as larger pieces. I have some shows coming up, as well as some display space at my  new studio in Haverhill. I will be sharing more information about the studio in the upcoming months as we make some plans and things get settled in.....

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