Sunday, March 25, 2018

Rt. 1 Mini Golf - Neon Sign Painting

Rt. 1 Miniature Golf
24 x 18 inches
acrylic on canvas

Gotta love the miniature golf course along Route 1 with the orange dinosaur. But - ack! - it is no longer there! Not only do I miss seeing the dinosaur, but it was also a fun course to play - with batting cages and an ice cream stand as well. While the developers promise to keep the orange dinosaur on site, it just isn't the same when he isn't lording over the edge of the course right next to the highway. This painting is part of the neon sign that also accompanied the business. The sign no longer stands - I had painted it previously as a small painting, but knew I needed to preserve the memories in a larger format.

Progress pictures:
 Sketching in the composition and laying out the sky color

 Refining the composition and filling in blocks of color before adding details

Hey there - it's me! I don't often include myself in pictures, but decided to change it up a bit!

Want to see it in person? "Rt. 1 Miniature Golf" will be on exhibit late March through the 27th of April at the Salisbury Public Library in Salisbury, Massachusetts. (Click on image to see it larger.)

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