Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy (late) Halloween!

Due to the October snowstorm we had last weekend, Halloween was officially postponed until tonight. The kids are happily trick-or-treating at last!

So I thought it would be okay to post one more pumpkin - a jack o'lantern for Carol Marine's "Paint Your Pumpkin" challenge at DailyPaintworks.

Boy Pumpkin
4x4 inches
acrylic on canvas

My kids all carved their own pumpkins this year (those tiny little carving tools that come in the kits at the grocery store are AWESOME for kids to carve their own!). For the first time, they all chose to go with a pretty standard jack o'lantern face (three triangles, plus a mouth). The funny thing is that I think this one actually resembles my older son who carved it! I knew right away that it was his.....something about the smile actually looks just like him.....

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Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Late Halloween ;o) Very cute painting! Your son has a nice smile ;o)

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