Monday, April 23, 2012

Motel 1 - New Painting SOLD

Motel 1
6-5/8 x 5-1/2"
Acrylic on board

Still not sure about the title for this one!
Anyways, the theme for the upcoming show at MiXtMedia Gallery is "Ipswich Thru the Artist's Eye". Ipswich has many wonderful natural resources - I'm sure the gorgeous beaches and marshes will be well represented at the show. I decided to concentrate more on architecture - and I got a little stuck on the idea of working with signs. I love older signs - the lettering, the colors, especially ones with neon. Not exactly what most people equate with Ipswich - but still things that the locals will recognize. By taking just pieces of them, I am almost abstracting them, concentrating on the shapes and textures, as opposed to the words themselves. The images are local, yet in some ways universal - this could from any motel of that era - little bits of America quickly disappearing. I found out after I had already decided on using this sign for some of my images that this particular motel has been sold, and the land will probably be redeveloped.

I will  probably do each one of my subjects a few times, from different angles, with different crops. I do plan on doing some paintings based purely on  Ipswich's architecture, but I don't think I will have them in time for this show. For now, it will be about the signs of Ipswich!

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I think this is cool! Very different!

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