Saturday, April 28, 2012

Motel 2 SOLD

Motel 2
5.5 x 6.625 inches
acrylic on board

Another painting of an old motel sign for the "Ipswich Thru The Artist's Eye" exhibition. I'm painting these on wonderful MDO boards that I got from my awesome brother-in-law for Christmas. He cut two boxes full of panels for me - best gift EVER! MDO is frequently used for outdoor signs, so I thought it would be an appropriate surface for this series.

It has been a crazy, busy week. Lots of appointments, and activities for the kids, but on Wednesday I got to attend a demo at the Concord Art Association by fellow blogger Kara Bigda - one of my favorite watercolor artists. It was great to see her - and her work - in person, plus I learned quite a bit.

Next I'm starting on one more motel sign, then I will probably move on to a different sign after that. Stay tuned!

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helen said...

Like the two motel signs.

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