Monday, July 16, 2012

His & Hers - Small Still Life Fruit Painting with Apples SOLD

His & Hers
3x5 inches
acrylic on canvas

Now up..... a little series of fruit and vegetables on tiny canvases. Inspiration from the Farmers Market! I plan to do a bunch of these bright little canvases to hang together at West Village Provisions until the end of next month.

I love painting apples. They have so many colors in them - it is always interesting to see the form evolve as I add more and more layers of color. Every time I start painting one, I think "this one is never going to work!" Yet eventually, an apple emerges each time! Amazing stuff, this paint is  ;-)

This piece will join "Local Berries" and a few others in West Boxford, MA at West Village Provisions until late August.


Magic Love Crow said...

These apples look so yummy! Excellent painting!

Sandy Byers said...

beautiful apples! Your colors are singing :).

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