Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Firecracker - Small Painting of Bright Orange Flower

Little Firecracker
4x3 inches
acrylic on canvas

So this is where I say something about "the explosive new painting", right?!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist!) I kept thinking of fireworks while I was painting this and the name "Firecracker" just stuck in my head, so there you go. It's funny how some paintings just name themselves, while others I struggle over. When I am stuck, I find I get my best ideas in the shower  ;-)

Available at West Village Provisions later this week.


Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! Very cute name! Shower? Hmmm,,,mine come in dreams ;o) Take Care ;o)

Debbie Shirley said...

Thanks Stacy!
I know - isn't the shower thing weird?!

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